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Your smart wallet
for Ethereum L2s

Explore Ethereum with social recovery and passkey.

A wallet that gives you
peace of mind.



Recover wallet with the people you trust. Sign transactions with Face ID/Touch ID.



Pay gas fees with ERC-20 tokens. Create and recover your wallets across all L2s.


Self-custody without single point of failure, powered by ERC-4337.

Experience Soul Wallet 0.1.0 version

Integrated chains

Trusted by the best,
Backed by the community

“...with the rise of ERC-4337 account abstraction ... upcoming wallets like Soul Wallet will make the technology user-friendly. ”

Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum

Distinguished institutions and angels

Tim Beiko

Anthony Sasano

David Hoffman

Ryan Sean Adams

Frequent asked questions

What is Soul Wallet?

Soul Wallet is an Ethereum cross-L2 social recovery wallet. It focuses on providing a secure and user-friendly experience with features like social recovery, passkey signing, and compatibility with the most popular L2s.

How does the passkey feature work?

The passkey feature in Soul Wallet enables users to securely sign transactions and authenticate actions, offering a safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional private keys.

What is social recovery, and how does it work?

Social recovery allows users to recover their wallets without a traditional recovery phrase. Users appoint trusted individuals from their social network who can authorize the recovery of the wallet in case of lost access.

How many L2s does Soul Wallet support?

Soul Wallet supports L2s like Arbitrum and Optimism and plans to integrate more L2s (Base, Scroll, Taiko, etc.) soon.

Is Soul Wallet open-source?

Yes, Soul Wallet is open-source. You can view and contribute on GitHub. This transparency and community-driven approach allow for continuous improvements and security enhancements.

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